The object of this research project was to develop a general system capable of imbuing a network of machines with the capacity for extreme relaxation.

A Lazymode network is a diverse amalgamation of electrical and mechanical devices that harvest electricity from traditional (sun, wind) and experimental (IER, stray EMF) non-hydroelectric grid power sources. An early working title for this project was Relaxation Oscillator Network.

The culmination of the project was a large scale exhibition entitled Lambinatronique / Lazymode (Oboro, Montréal, 2008) consisting mainly of new work made especially for the network (Stepper Motor Choir, Leak To Lower Lazy Levitating Load, False Foucault's Pendulum ), as well as an older work (Manual ) retrofitted and extended as a Lazymode node. These works as well as related research are listed below.

Stepper Motor Choir

solar-powered kinetic sound installation

Twelve solar-powered stepper motors sing with rotating, resonating panes of broken glass.


modular open source hardware research project

The modular core of each device on a Lazymode network is the Modified Miller Montréal-Saskatoon Miller Engine (MMSMSE) circuit, released as an open source hardware project.

Canoe (solar)

kinetic solar-powered installation

A solar-powered, outdoor variation of Canoe (2000) exhibited in northern Canada in Dawson City, Yukon, summer 2006.


kinetic installation

Manual is an efficiently futile machine that continuously creates and destroys. It meticulously and gradually deposits dust in a wide spiral formation, then erases it, equally methodically.


kinetic installation

A boat and a bridge.