Vibrations and Waves
experiments in electromagnetism

research project

All materials have resonant frequencies at which they most naturally vibrate.

Vibrations and Waves

maquette / prototype

Maquette for Pendulum Music On A Long Thin Wire. Swinging pendulums, oscillating electromagnets, pickup coils, rhythmic phasing. After Steve Reich and Alvin Lucier.

Vibrations and Waves
rusted resonators

public prototype / site-specific sound installation

This temporary site-specific sound installation was created collaboratively (with Darsha Hewitt) during a 3 week rural residency at Cultivamos Cultura in Sao Luis, Alentejo in southern Portugal.

Vibrations and Waves
parasitic resonators

public prototype / sound installation

Site specific exhibition in a condo showroom. Gallery lighting as solar power; in situ display panels as resonant surfaces.

Vibrations and Waves

A text prepared for presentation for the 2011 ISEA conference in Istanbul.