photo credits: Peter Flemming, Martin Howse


Test Execution Host (exhibition)


curatorial project, research project + exhibition

An experimental 3 month long artistic research residency and exhibition project examining the connection between Earth and computation with the work of Berlin-based artist Martin Howse, curated by Peter Flemming in collaboration with OBORO and Perte de Signal in Montréal with support from the Goethe Institut .

from the exhibition text:

Dissolutions examines the connection between Earth and computation. This artistic research residency and experimental exhibition project intervenes within cycles of earth-extraction-earth-return in which the minerals which form the material basis of digital technology are pulled from the ground using large-scale industrial processes, eventually to be re-absorbed in the form of e-waste and pollution.

Dissolutions aims to construct a series of playfully experimental situations (open labs, workshops, talks, collective field trips) exploring the material-basis of contemporary and future cultures, focusing on the transition from large- scale industrial technologies, particularly those of extraction and mining, to the seemingly invisible realm of the digital.